Parent Guide: Choosing the Right Babysitter

Parent Guide Choosing The Right Babysitter My Naples Nanny Best Vacation Babysitting Service in Naples FloridaWhether on vacation or moving to Naples, Florida, caring parents want to find the right child caregiver, full-time nanny or well-qualified babysitter for their little ones.

We have developed a helpful parent guide for selecting the perfect person for every family that is based on our experience providing vacation-babysitting services.

Follow our criteria to learn how to select the Best Qualified Babysitter to care for your children and leave you with a piece of mind.

Read Childcare Profiles & Parent Reviews for their experience caring for children, certifications, education and background to ensure it meets your requirements.

  • Read Parent Reviews or Testimonials
  • Review Childcare Online Profiles
  • Contact Past Family References

Interview Your Child’s Caregiver

Conduct a phone interview in advance and meet them in person to discuss the children and your needs.

  • For Parents ask questions about their past experience, why they became a childcare professional and what they enjoy about caring for children.
  • For Children get to know your babysitter and ensure you feel secure and enjoy time with them.

Fist Aid and AED Certification is a classroom, video based, instructor-led course teaching critical skills needed to respond to and manage first aid for choking or cardiac arrest in an emergency until emergency medical services (EMS) arrives on the scene.

It’s important your childcare professional is trained and knows what to do in case of an emergency. Basic first aid should be a minimum requirement when interviewing babysitters and nannies. Ask them when was the most recent completion of their first aid certification.

The American Heart Association or its affiliates provide these courses and certifications for work or employment.

Run Standard Babysitter Background Checks, which will run a Social Security Number Verification, National Criminal Database Search, includes any felonies, misdemeanor convictions and includes a state Sex Offender Registries Search.

Many states and local county Sheriff’s offices provide background checks. Background checks also include public information including speeding tickets, parking tickets included in background checks.

Nanny Cams, Neighbors, and Unannounced Arrivals will help put your mind at ease and more secure and develop your trust based mutual beneficial relationship.

Follow your instincts to ensure your new babysitter or childcare provider is a good fit for your family’s needs. A little due diligence and following evaluation criteria will put your mind at ease and allow you to enjoy your time away from your little loved ones. Periodically review your caregiver to ensure they are still a good fit for your needs.

Susanna Schoedel is the chief caregiver for My Naples Nanny. Her team of well-qualified nannies has been providing exceptional Naples Vacation Babysitting Services to guests of The Ritz Carlton Naples and families in Southwest Florida for over five years. Visit website.